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Privacy Statement

SC values your personal information, and hereby informs you how the personal information you provided is used for, and what kind of actions are taken to protect your privacy.

Consent for Personal Information Collection
ISC notifies you of privacy policy or terms and conditions at the membership registration, and clicking ‘Register’ button is considered as consenting to the collection of personal information.

Purpose of personal information collection and purpose of use
ISC collects personal information for the following purposes.

- Membership registration and user ID issue for ISC and partnership site services
- Execution of service (Mailing such as prize and information regarding appointment)
- Error handling and personalized service for individual member
- Collection of statistics on service use
- Others, new service and information
However, sensitive information that may violate basic human rights is not collected.
ISC collects additional information within above range to provide more extensive service.

Personal information collected
ISC collects the following personal information for membership, consultation, service application, etc.

-Collected items: Name, date of birth, gender, Login ID, password, home phone number, home address, mobile number, e-mail, service use record, access log, cookie, access IP information, payment record
-Method of personal information collection: Homepage (membership, bulletin board, online consultation, online appointment, etc.)

Collection of personal information by cookie
ISC uses ‘cookie’, which saves and finds your information. Cookie is a small amount of information which the website sends to your computer browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, etc.) When you access the website, ISC web server reads the cookie in your browser, and finds additional information from your computer to provide service without additional entry of ID, etc. Cookie identifies your computer, but does not identify you personally. Also, you have the right to choose the use of cookie. By changing the option on your web browser, you may accept all cookie, be notified when cookie is being installed, or reject all cookies.

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